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Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Obtained her Master of Osteopathy (M.Ost) Degree from The British School of Osteopathy (BSO) in London, UK. The BSO is the oldest Osteopathy school in Europe and is well known within the field of Osteopathy for producing talented structural Osteopaths. In addition, she has spent time working in specialist osteopathic clinics with expectant mothers and children. Imogen enjoys adapting her osteopathic techniques to suit the changes surrounding pregnancy and the changes associated with growing up. Imogen is also is trained in dry needling, sports massage techniques, dance instruction and taping.


Imogen has worked in numerous HIV clinics and General Practice Clinics as an osteopath in the UK, working with doctors to provide the best care available for immuno-suppressed patients and patients with complicated chronic health problems such as cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. She strongly believes that osteopathy can help the body adapt to life's challenges and improve standard of living.


Zumba is Latin-inspired dance-fitness program. Get fit while having fun! Come to Imogen's class at the Let's Move Studio on Fridays at 5pm-6pm and Saturdays at 8am - 9am.

Bokwa is a fun and easy fitness class designed for all levels. Come to Bokwa at Let's Move Studio on Fridays at 6pm - 7pm

Modern Jive is a simple, easy to learn couples' dance done to modern music. Come along to modern jive class on Wednesday nights. For information please contact the City of Kamloops, Parks and Recreation."

Paul Roberts M.Ost
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Paul has completed a four year master of Osteopathy degree at the British school of Osteopathy (BSO) In London, England. The BSO is the oldest Osteopathy school in Europe and is well known within the field of Osteopathy for producing talented structural Osteopaths.


Paul has experience providing osteopathic care in a wide variety of environments ranging from office workers with back pain to bodybuilders with muscle strains. He has experience of providing osteopathic treatments at the royal free hospital in London.

He finds his techniques work especially well to manage patients with arthritis, and has helped to improve the mobility of elderly patients in care homes using osteopathic techniques. Paul has also worked as an osteopath at the London marathon, providing therapy to the runners. This variety gives Paul a genuine passion to help find treatment and management plans which allow each individual to find the best way back towards being healthy and pain free. After his university training Paul has studied Cranial Osteopathy at the Rollin E Becker institute in London. Cranial osteopathy is an incredibly gentle and non-invasive form of osteopathy.

Sports Massage

Whilst in London, Paul also studied and obtained a Sports and Remedial Massage Diploma. He combines these strong deep tissue techniques into his osteopathic sessions to provide great results for athletes and sports minded people.

Outside of practicing osteopathy Paul has a keen interest in gym fitness and loves snowboarding.

Paul Roberts is a CFES Certified Personal Trainer. Sessions can be for the individual or groups. Whether you are looking for an exercise regime to help with a specific injury or you are looking to improve your fitness levels Paul can provide a personalised program.